"in office" or "out of office" flexibility

Fanke Design Services is proud to offer our design and consultation services for you "In Office" at your location, as well as "Out Of Office" at our location. When you make a choice to partner with Fanke Design Services, our pledge is to honor the opportunity you've given us with a value that traditional staffing just can't match.

website vision

Here are some of the websites that we have created, and continue to refine.

web, graphic, and logo design

out of the box vision 

In this day and age of user friendly web and graphic design software, it seems like just about anybody can throw together some cookie cutter graphics and fonts in a short amount of time, but if you want an attractive and functional logo or website, then you need to choose an individual that can think outside the box, and it really helps if that same person cares about the work that they do, as well as the work that YOU do! There is no reason that your website can't be a direct reflection of you and your business, through all the changes, through all the improvements. Click here for more info about our website design services.

mechanical design

Experience behind the desk and on the floor 

Fanke Design Services has over 20 years of mechanical design experience, not only from behind the desk, but also on the manufacturing floor. 20+ years experience with AutoCAD software. 15+ years experience with Esprit CAD-CAM software. 8+ years experience with Solidworks software. There is a lot more where that came from. Let us help you through your design lifecycle.

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